General FAQ

What locations do you serve?

For onsite sculptures and deliveries, we regularly work with clients in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, including Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties. For an additional travel fee, we work with clients outside these areas. And of course, we ship anywhere in the US.

Is your studio/gallery open to the public?

Absolutely! We love visitors. However, we do ask that you call and schedule ahead of time, because we aren’t always on location. Don’t be deterred by this, though. We aren’t a pretentious “appointment only” gallery. We’d truly like to see you, even if you aren’t committed to purchasing a sculpture.

How do I commission a sculpture in wood, stone or metal?

Please contact us by phone, email or the contact form available on our site. Tomas or Allison will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss your project. If you already have a vision for a sculpture, we’ll start there. If you aren’t sure what you want, that’s fine, too. Tomas can work with you to come up with an idea.

Can I purchase sculptures at your gallery?

Absolutely! All sculptures at the gallery are available for purchase. With our newly expanded studio and gallery space in Bellingham, WA we are excited to display not only Tomas’ sculptures, but in the coming months will also feature the work of other local and international artists.

Do you provide sketches when I commission a sculpture?

A basic rendering is provided when necessary. If a client requests multiple renderings, the client will be charged between $125-$250 per rendering, depending on the complexity.

How long do sculptures last?

If a sculpture is cared for according to our instructions, it will last several hundred years. This is true for wood, stone and metal alike. That being said, sculptures that are housed outdoors will be affected by the elements. We consider this an advantage, as the patina that develops on metal and wood can be quite beautiful, and hairline cracks on a tree stump sculpture give it character that reminds us of the nature from which it came.

Will my wood sculpture crack?

In short, yes. We take all due care to minimize cracking by using the highest quality materials and techniques, but wood is a living medium. As such, some cracking is inevitable and unavoidable. Any wood sculptor who tells you otherwise is misrepresenting their work. We hope that our clients consider small cracks that appear in their sculptures to be a testament to the natural world from which the material came, and an enhancement of the beauty of the work as it ages.

Does the price change if a client supplies the materials (such as a log)?

No, it does not.

How do I preserve my sculpture?

We will give you detailed care instructions when you purchase your artwork. But generally speaking:

Wood sculptures housed outdoors (including tree stump art): Oil once a year with a coat of exterior penetrating oil, brushed or sprayed onto the entire artwork, much like you would a fence or deck.

Wood sculptures housed indoors: No maintenance is needed unless you are moving the sculpture to a climate other than the Pacific Northwest. (If this is the case, we’ll give you specific instructions for your situation.)

Stone sculptures housed outdoors: Pressure wash to keep moss off, as needed.

Stone sculptures housed indoors: No maintenance needed.

Metal sculptures (housed indoors or outdoors): No additional care needed.

Do you deliver or ship sculptures?

Over a certain price point and size, we deliver sculptures free of charge to Pierce, King, Snohomish, Skagit and Whatcom counties. We also ship sculptures anywhere in the US, provided the client understands that they will incur all shipping costs, including the building of a custom crate when necessary.

Tree stump art FAQ

How do I request tree stump art for my property?

The steps are:

  1. Take a picture of the tree, preferably with surrounding landscape and something next to it for size reference (a person, house or garage nearby.)
  2. Contact us to start the process. We’ll ask you to send the picture, as well as any other information you have about the tree species and health, and any ideas you have about the design for your sculpture. It’s totally okay if you don’t know about the tree species, or what design you’d like. We work collaboratively with you to design the right tree stump art to fit your space. But if you already know what you want, by all means let us know in that first email!
  3. Schedule an on-site estimate. At this time, Tomas will examine the tree and discuss design options. If you know what type of sculpture you want, he is usually able to give you a firm price quote at the time of his visit. Estimates are always at no charge.
  4. Sign a contract and let’s get started!

What does a tree stump sculpture cost?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to this. Cost varies considerably depending on the size and complexity of a sculpture, as well as the species of wood and accessibility of the tree.The good news is, once you decide on a final design, we give you a firm price quote, so there are never any surprises. (All price quotes are valid for three months.)

I'm cutting down a tree. Can I wait awhile before I get it sculpted?

Absolutely. As long as a tree stump is healthy, we can create a sculpture several years after it’s cut down. That being said, if you haven’t yet cut it down, you are in an ideal situation and can do a few things to best prepare:

  1. Ask the tree service to leave a twelve foot stump. This will give you plenty of room to work with.
  2. Once the tree is down, seal the cut with a layer of ordinary house paint. This will keep the wood in the best shape possible.

How long does it take to complete a tree stump sculpture?

As with price, this answer varies greatly depending on size, complexity and wood species. Some sculptures take a few days to complete, while others take several weeks. We do our best to give you an accurate timeline for completion.

Do you work in all weather?

Yep. Sculpting in the rain is just part of being a northwest-based artist. We can build a temporary shelter above scaffolding. Tomas even works when there is snow on the ground, although if it is actively snowing or a sheet of ice is covering his scaffolding, this may inhibit his work for a few days due to safety concerns.

Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes, we are well insured with a comprehensive liability insurance policy. We are happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.